Wildfires have scorched the earth as prophesied. Australia, (and America), especially have been noticed globally as the wrath of this beast manifests...

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Will we recognize him, or "know" Him?

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"...His Global Coming Is Here"


Israel's temple and traditions are returning... while on the brink of prophetic calamity, with threats from Iran and Russia mounting... and its strongest allies are turning their backs...

THe Time IS NOW!

God is clear, Our Saviour Will Return.

Current world events indicate clearly that the "birthing pains have begun... The 7 year period of tribulation is ANY TIME NOW, to be preceded by the rapture of God's people...

There is no better time than now to:
1. Examine your Faith
2. Assess your Family Leadership Role (spiritually, financially and physically).
3. Obey God's commands (repent and be baptized).

​4. Share with others.

GloCom International

It Is Not Good Enough To Just Enjoy The Fruits Of HIs Vineyard, We Must Share The Great News And Show Others God's Plan... 


It Is A Global Call Of Love When We Say.. REPENT! No Man Is Perfect Except Thru Jesus Christ..... JOIN US!

Never before has so much turmoil reigned in the pacific islands. Could the Dragon be ready to battle the Eagle? 

​vision & MISSION

No Man Knows The Hour, Yet We Also Are Warned To Prepare Ourselves and Watch For The Signs... Will You and You Family be Ready?

Wars, Disease, famine and much more are all well known in these regions... Genocide is still rampant.

​​North/South America

The Prophetic Ezra's Eagle Shows Timelines of America as the Great Whore of Babylon. Its Eagle feathers predicts Presidential succession.
We are witnessing the last "short" feathers!

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America's Coming Destruction

Great War in the Ocean - (China)

Increasing Global Fires

Wrenching of the earths crust (Earthquakes)

Volcanic Eruptions

Excessive storms

World Escalating Economic Crisis

Global Pandemics/Diseases/Famines

Israel under Attack

Re-Building of the last temple in Jerusalem

Massive Armies from the North (russia combined with Arab nations).

1st Rapture/Resurrection

2nd Resurrection

Blood moons

Jewish Holidays and Signs in the Heavens

Worldwide Wickedness - (Pornography, Child Sex businesses, Institutional and political Corruptions, Abortion, Cartels...) and ​much more....